Find Out What's Within

We've been pushing for 50 years—up mountains, down trails, against our limits. And in the process, we've learned a lot about ourselves. Every time we come home, we feel energized. Creative. Free. Vasque gives you the tools to go farther, push harder and experience more. To go out on the trail and find out #WhatsWithin.

#WhatsWithin, in your words

We asked Vasque performance hikers what inspires them, what pushes them, and why? Below are three stories of personal passion and perspective from their outdoor adventures. #WhatsWithin you?

There is a man who stocks fish and does other amzing things
There is a woman from Detroit who moved out to hike the A.T.
There is a woman who runs great distances

Tell us #WhatsWithin

What happens when you get out? What do you discover when you push a little harder, a little faster, a little longer? What places inspire you?

Show us. Tag your inspired photos, videos, blog posts, haikus, interpretive dances, and whatever else your next excursion helps you create with the #WhatsWithin hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Watch it show up here. Share your unique #WhatsWithin with the world and have a chance to win some sweet Vasque gear.